How to Decorate a Pergola Like a Pro

You’ve finally done it!

You have built the dreamy pergola you have been waiting for.

But now it’s time to move to the next step – decorating it to perfection to have a complete, dazzling pergola in your backyard. 

When it comes to a pergola, there are unlimited ways to decorate it. 

Decorating this new structure can be just as exciting as designing and building it. 

The decor can be minimal or extravagant, depending upon your style and the purpose of the pergola. A simple feature like a chandelier can add that oomph factor to your outdoor space.

Different people have different interests when it comes to pergola decor. 

For instance, a couple might want to have a simple, intimate, cozy corner that might replicate the style of their house, or a family of five might wish to have an extravagant party space with lots of greenery and decor.

Similarly, the structure and material of the pergola also matter. 

If you have a wooden pergola, a rustic interior setting with greenery might be more suitable. If the pergola is primarily a white structure with white roofing and columns, a minimal and clean approach might suit it better. 

It all ultimately comes down to how you want to use the space and what type of style you want it to reflect.

Everything You Need to Know About Decorating a Pergola

A sure way to elevate your garden space is to ensure that your pergola structure blends seamlessly with the surroundings through the right decor. There are a few elements that are important to the entire look of the pergola structure. These elements are listed below and are the key to elevating your pergola and garden space:

  • Lighting
  • Adding Greenery
  • Seating & Corresponding Elements
  • Additional Décor Elements


Lighting is the most effective way to uplift the pergola space and increase its functionality. If you get the lighting right, everything else will fall into place. Now when we mean lighting, we are not only talking about interior lighting; we also mean accent or highlight lighting outside the pergola to add that extra flair to the pergola space. 

Interior lighting can vary from hanging lights and pendant lighting to strip lights, string lights, or even fairy lights and so on. There are millions of options available, and you can proceed to choose one reflecting your personal preferences and style.

Lighting can also be used to add a pop of color to a monotone space and hence help in elevating the pergola even more.

pergola with white flowers and string lanterns

Adding Greenery

Since your pergola is most likely located in a garden space surrounded by greenery, adding more greenery in the form of potted plants for hanging plants or vines would ensure that it complements the surroundings. 

When paired with the right kind of lighting and decor, hanging plants can add the much-needed elegance factor. Hooked plants can be added to the outer side of the pergola to make it livelier. Using vines with greenery or colorful Bougainvillea flowers, which are low maintenance, might be the visual statement piece for your pergola, especially if you are going all white on your pergola. If you live in Idaho, we have an entire guide to look at the top climbing plants for pergolas based on Idaho hardiness zones. 

Potted plants have become a popular decor addition to add a cozy feel to your space. High vase pots combined with the right plants can help in molding the space into a lovely but luxurious space to hang out or host your friends. 

Seating & Corresponding Elements

The interior seating plays an important role in defining the inner space of your pergola. There are different types of seating options available and different seating arrangements that can be used according to your style and requirements. 

Types of seating may vary from typical outdoor seating such as patio seating and tables or a cozy L-shaped sofa that can add a modern vibe to your interior pergola space. A swing or a hammock can also be a type of seating if you’re looking at your pergola as a casual setting.

Additionally, if you want to treat your pergola as an extended outdoor dining table, a long ten-seater dining table with chairs would work perfectly for you. 

Additional Decor Elements

Decor elements such as an artifact or a sculpture can exhibit your style and taste in the pergola space. A DIY display of decor can also be a beautiful extension of your personal style and a piece of you inside the pergola. The addition of colorful decor elements will add a vibrant vibe to the space. Elements like wind chime will help in creating a calm environment and add aesthetic value. 

Other elements such as plush curtains not only give your pergola some privacy, but also make it look more luxurious and elegant. Choosing the right carpets or tapestry is also an influential factor in deciding the style of the pergola.  

Another functional factor is installing a removable awning on the roof of the pergola. Awnings can be a valuable investment in protecting you and your loved ones from harsh climates and also improve the functionality of the pergola as they can be used under any weather conditions. 

Decorating the area surrounding the pergola might be a big factor contributing to the whole aesthetic value of your garden space. Usage of planters complementing the pergola tone around the space can add the opulent factor to the area. Another way of decorating the spots around the pergola could be the usage of pebbles and landscaping elements combined with seasonal flowers to elevate the space overall.

Whether you are going for something simple or going all out for extravagant decor for our pergola space, it is important to remember that the pergola has to be an extension of your personal style and preferences. 

While there are numerous options available, keep in mind that choosing the right style that resonates with your preferences and the rest of the house is of primal importance.

We hope this article helps you get started on your beautiful pergola decor journey. If you need help building a pergola, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Shadeworks!

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