The Right Way to Hang Curtains on Your Patio Cover (or Pergola)

Want to cover your patio when it’s too hot or cold to ensure the weather doesn’t ruin your outdoor experience? Or just looking forward to making your patio look and feel stylish? 

No matter your reason, you can use curtains to level up your outdoor space.

And while doing so, there are numerous options in terms of style and color to choose from- helping you not only bring in a cheery feeling but also create a comfortable experience for everyone involved.

No matter what color you choose, the way you hang curtains depends on the curtain type. 

We’ve put together this blog post to help you understand how to hang curtains on your patio cover correctly. Throughout this post, we’ll look at how you can easily hang curtains on your patio cover.

We’re so excited to share this information with you.

So, let’s get started.

How to Hang Curtains on Your Patio Cover with a Rod


white mosquito curtains hanging on a patio cover

Mosquito curtains from

The most straightforward method is to use classic curtain rods. You can either use adjustable curtain rods or drill into columns. 

For ShadeWorks MOCKWOOD patio covers and pergolas, you can either drill into your structure or use drill-less options. Please keep in mind that hanging any significant weight-bearing items on your MOCKWOOD aluminum material may void your warranty.

If you have a wooden patio cover, it’s possible to drill, and you can go ahead and choose an outdoor curtain rod and get your hardware ready. Make sure that the curtain rod you select is more durable than what you use inside your home. It also needs to be rust-resistant. 

You can level up your patio cover by choosing a patio cover rod that matches your patio furniture and door handles; there are many different designs! 

If you don’t really want to drill holes in your aluminum structure, then you’re going to need to use adjustable curtain rods. If you’re going with this approach, you’ll have to use lightweight drapery. If your patio columns are made of brick, stone, or aluminum, you can choose this option.

We like the look of these off-white mosquito curtains that are hung with a rod. They look classic and durable. 

How to Hang Curtains with Wire

Don’t want to spend too much and are looking for an inexpensive way to hang curtains on your patio cover? 

Or maybe you can’t or don’t want to drill holes? Another option is to hang curtains with wire. 

To hang curtains with wire, you’ll need:

  • Eye hooks
  • Heavy-gauge steel wire rope
  • Wall anchors

The first step to hanging curtains with wire to your patio cover would be to use wall anchors and eye hooks to secure your wire’s one end to the first structure – it can be a post, beam, or your home’s exterior.

Make sure that the wire is stretched while securing it to the other opposing structure. But before you secure it, pass the wire through the curtain panel or grommets.

If you’re using rope or steel wires, you’ll need additional support to make sure that your curtain doesn’t droop in the middle.

While you can add center supports, if you are not a big fan of curtain panels being lumped in the center, you can use a conduit tube. Also called electric metallic tubing, conduit tubing will help ensure a sturdy outdoor curtain rod.

To better understand how to style a curtain and use it with ease, let’s look at a few main components of patio curtains.

3 Patio Curtain Components You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Here are three common patio curtain components:

  • Grommets
  • Tiebacks
  • Tab Tops


Grommets make it easier to open and close curtains. At the same time, they make it less likely that the curtain gets stuck on the hardware sticking out. We’d advise you to find curtains with anti-rust grommets.


Want to control the amount of sunshine that gets inside? Want to add more flair and color to your patio cover?

While most curtain panels already have matching tiebacks, you can also use brightly colored ribbons to complement and match existing décor.

We’d advise you to buy ribbons in bulk. This way, if it doesn’t hold up during harsh weather, you can replace it.

Tab Tops

Love change of scenery? Want to make sure you can see the outdoor view without having to take down the curtains? You can always use tab tops for quickly removing and installing curtains.

It makes it a whole lot easier.

That’s how you can hang curtains on your patio cover. We hope you picked up a few tips before you start your project. Make sure your curtains match your patio decor. You can style them depending on your needs and patio structure.

If you reside in Idaho and want to level up your outdoor exterior, our team would love nothing more than to help you out. 

We install patio covers and pergolas across many service areas, including Eagle, Pocatello, Meridian, Ammon, and more! 

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