The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Patio Cover Materials for an Idaho Home

If you’ve decided to add a patio cover to your Idaho home, you might be in limbo deciding what kind of material to select. Look no further! We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to help you choose what patio cover materials will work best for your home. 

We’ll dive into what you should ask yourself when shopping for materials, why choosing the best material is essential, Idaho’s climate overview, and a comparison of the most common patio cover materials. From there, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make the best decision for your home!

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Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Patio Cover Materials

Patio covers are built with natural or artificial materials. When selecting cover material, it’s important to do your research! There are several things to keep in mind when choosing what patio material will work best for you:

  • What are the weather conditions where you live?
  • How durable does the patio cover need to be?
  • What materials are available in your area?

We’ve compiled the ultimate Idaho-specific guide to walk you through these questions.

Why is Choosing Your Material Important?

Choosing your patio cover material is vital to ensure that it’s durable, functional, and complementary to your home. Some materials function better than others based on the weather conditions, which is why it’s important to consider what the weather conditions are like where you live. Each one has its unique look and texture, and you should evaluate your options before booking an installation. 

Photograph of Sun Valley, ID Hills


Idaho Weather Conditions

Idaho has a diverse climate- from the dry high-desert climate in eastern and western Idaho to the temperate rainforest in the northern Idaho Panhandle. Every area has its own set of climatic conditions and challenges you’ll want to note before comparing patio materials. 

Northern Idaho

The Idaho Panhandle in Northern Idaho includes Sandpoint, Coeur d’ Alene, Post Falls, and other populations. The Panhandle temperature ranges between 25-82 Fahrenheit. It gets much more rain than central, eastern, and western Idaho, with 26 inches per year! Snowfall averages 42 inches per year.

Central Idaho

Central Idaho includes Sun Valley, Hailey, Stanley, and surrounding areas. These mountainous regions are similar to northern Idaho, with cooler temperatures averaging 10-80 Fahrenheit and 14 inches of rain per year. Populated areas in central Idaho receive the most snowfall in Idaho. It varies greatly depending on location, but Sun Valley averages an average snowfall of 101 inches per year.

Eastern Idaho

Eastern Idaho is made of populations lying east of the Magic Valley, such as Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Pocatello. Its climate has more extreme temperature changes than the west and north. It averages between 13-86 Fahrenheit. It’s overall a dry, high-desert climate like western Idaho with an average rainfall of 12 inches per year. Snowfall averages 39 inches per year.

Western Idaho

Western Idaho lies on the border of western Oregon and is the most populated area of Idaho. Caldwell, Weiser, Nampa, Boise, and surrounding areas follow typical high desert temperature patterns with colder nights and hotter days. It averages between 24-92 Fahrenheit annually. Rainfall in the Treasure Valley averages only about 13 inches per year, while Idaho as a whole average 19 inches per year- making it the driest part of the state. The average snowfall for western Idaho is about 17 inches per year.

Idaho Summary

Many people love Idaho because it’s a sunshine state. No matter where you live, you can expect warm, sunny days with eastern and western extreme temperatures ranging between 80-100+ Fahrenheit in the summers! Overall, Idaho doesn’t experience as much rainfall as other states, but it has extreme swings between the winters and summers.

Is your climate experience the same as the geographical averages? Make sure to take your own experience into account. 

Patio cover on tan house in Idaho


Comparing Different Patio Cover Materials 

Let’s look at different material features.

Natural Appearance

Natural appearance is how raw and organic your material looks. Wood is by far the most natural-looking material, but it comes at a price by sacrificing durability for a natural appearance. 


Measuring durability shows how well a material holds up over time in all seasons, weather conditions, and from regular use. 

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance materials don’t require constant cleaning, staining, or setup/takedown.

UV Ray Protection

Patios covers can offer UV protection and shade during the summer.

Pest Resistance

Pest-resistant patios withstand potential infestations of mice, birds, or insects.

Weight Bearing 

Weight-bearing patios can withstand heavy winter snow without warping or collapsing.

Availability in Idaho

Some materials aren’t available for installation nationwide. We’ve done the research for you to see what’s available in Idaho.


Natural Appearance Durability Low Maintenance UV-Ray Protection Pest Resistance Weight Bearing (For Snowy Conditions) Available in Idaho
Wood Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes
Fabric Yes No No Maybe No No Yes
Vinyl No No Yes Yes Maybe No Yes
Glass Maybe Yes No No Yes Maybe Yes
Aluminum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MOCKWOOD™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Patio cover on tan house in Idaho

MOCKWOOD™ Affordable Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum and MOCKWOOD™ check all of the boxes for Idaho homes. MOCKWOOD™ is an aluminum building material engineered to look exactly like natural wood without high maintenance requirements! It has a deep woodgrain embossing with a baked-on enamel paint finish to look as natural as possible while combining the elements of all other material features. You can also choose between nine different natural colors to match the design of your home. 

At Shade Works, we know what’s best for Idaho homes. For over 15 years, we’ve been designing and installing affordable patio covers for Idaho residents. We currently operate in the Treasure Valley, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, and surrounding areas with continuing expansion throughout the Northwest. 

Reach out today to learn more about our MOCKWOOD™ Patio Covers! 

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