Wondering How to Keep Birds Off Your Porch? Discover Three Easy Ways!

Who doesn’t love birds? Don’t we all?

They’re a gift of nature.

And while they are sweet and pleasant, they can sometimes be problematic, especially if they decide to nest in large numbers near or on your porch. 

From bird droppings everywhere to some aggressive behavior, birds can be a nuisance to deal with sometimes.

And if you’re growing frustrated with having birds on or around your porch, allow us to help you out. Throughout this blog post, we’ll look at some proven methods to keep these chirpy but pesky beasts at bay.

We’re so excited to share this with you. 

Without further ado, let us shoo them away!

Here’s How You Can Keep Birds Off Your Porch

Birds are easy to shoo away. But bear in mind, once they make a home out of your home, they can be quite stubborn with their movement. To ensure birds stay away, there are three different approaches that have proved to be the most effective:

  • Using Visual Curbs
  • Using Audio Curbs
  • Using Tactile Curbs

Which approach you use depends on your porch and needs; a combination of these three approaches will be equally adequate in keeping birds away (although not too far away!)

Our expert opinion? It would be advisable to switch between different methods every few weeks to ensure birds don’t get too comfortable with the surroundings, so much so that they just settle in. 

But before we get started on the different techniques, you need to ensure that there isn’t any bird “attraction” on your property. This could include any type of bird bath, feeder, or other things that might attract birds and make them want to settle in. 

If you have such things (and do not have the heart to get rid of them), ensure they are at least 20 feet away from your porch or deck or shift the location altogether. 

So now that’s sorted out, let’s take a closer look at the different ways to keep birds away from your porch.

Using Visual Curbs

The main idea behind using visual curbs is to deter birds visually. This can be compared to using a scarecrow on a field. 

Again, there are different types of visual repellents.

One way is to use a reflective surface to visually block their field of view. This can be carried out by using foil or pans by hanging them around the porch. They might not be the most aesthetically appealing approach but keep the birds off your porch all the same.

Another method would be to use CDs as a decorative tool to reflect the birds while adorning your porch with an unconventional design. If you wish to go one step further, you can use pinwheels with a painted reflective surface (metallic paint) to reflect light across different directions. 

Another type of visual curb is using a fake predator similar to a scarecrow. This could be in the form of a kite (yes, small birds fear them the most!) or in the form of a brightly colored owl. 

This type of visual deterrent should be brightly colored so that it is easily spotted by the bird and should be placed well in the visual field of the bird. It is also important to ensure the sizing of the fake predatory object is correct so that birds actually fear them and stay away. 

Using Audio Curbs

As the name suggests, audio curbs are sound-based effective measures to keep birds away from your porch. Essentially, what you aim to achieve by using audio cubs is to scare away birds while making a nuisance for them instead. 

One approach to achieve this is by using wind chimes. Wind chimes can be a great addition to your porch. They are pleasant and can add positive feng shui to your porch when placed in the right direction. While it may be pleasing to humans, it is a racket for birds. Metal wind chimes work best because they come with a reflective surface while producing pristine sounds. 

Another approach is using a sonic device. Sonic devices emit sound waves which mimic a bird’s distress call. This will make birds think other birds are in danger and a predator is nearby, thus being effective in keeping birds far away.

Although these methods are effective, it’s important to note that birds can quickly adapt and learn to get used to such noises over time. It may be required to use different approaches or play with the frequency and loudness of the existing auditory urbs in place. 

Using Tactile Curbs

Tactile curbs usually deal with sensibly keeping birds off your porch. These may include lining your porch with a sticky/repelling substance or with sharp edges. 

An easy and effective repellent is sprinkling baking soda on the surface of your porch. Baking soda can be rough for birds to land on and hence it is effective. 

Another method would be using spikes or sharp points. Anything that can make birds not land on your porch surface will be equally effective. 

There are also bird-specific repellent gels that are available in the market which can simply apply on surfaces where you do not want the birds to perch. 

And That’s How You Can Keep Birds Off Your Porch!

Before we wrap up, there is one more point you should remember. 

If you already have a nesting problem, it would be advisable to call a wildlife expert to do so. 

A combination of the methods listed above in rotation is the best approach to keep birds at bay and keep them that way!

Now that we have solved your bird issues do look at other solutions we may have for common outdoor area problems.

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