Your Go-To Stellar Pergola Outdoor Kitchen Guide: Tips, Tricks & More!

A dreamy backyard with a beautiful pergola is everyone’s outdoor fantasy, but only a few act upon it. 

Creating a stunning pergola adorned with the right elements is no easy task. But imagine the perfect evening with the right weather, the warmest company, and the most amazing food! 

Yes, the one thing your perfect pergola is missing today is a kitchen to make it even more special.

Pergolas have evolved over the years and aren’t just pleasant outdoor sitting spots. They’ve developed into event spaces and are an important extension of houses themselves. Pergolas are designed to be warm and welcoming. 

So, how do you get started to add this one detail to make your outdoor pergola stand out?

You are in the perfect place because we’ve got all the tricks and tips you will need under this guide. 

Let us dive into how you can add an outdoor kitchen under your pergola.

How to Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen Under Your Pergola

A pergola is a stunning outdoor structure (if designed correctly). Add a kitchen with the right equipment, making it even more appealing and welcoming. 

Apart from the aesthetic value, it also increases the overall monetary value, which you should definitely keep in mind. 

We’ve compiled a curated list of design tips to help drive you in the right direction when building or designing your outdoor kitchen space:

  • Know Your Outdoor Kitchen Requirements
  • Sketch a Rough Outline of the Space
  • Right Sizing is Everything
  • Rethink the Space with Different Options
  • Keep Your Surroundings in Mind

Know Your Outdoor Kitchen Requirements

Before outlining a layout, it’s important to know the different outdoor kitchen types available and what would be the most suitable to your needs and aesthetics.

As the kitchen is a highly functional space, the right combination of aesthetics and functional elements should be considered (such as the right sizing, circulation spaces, and ventilation).

Different kitchen designs require elements to fall into place that works well together. 

One important question to ask yourself is what type of occasions your kitchen would entertain. Other aspects, such as the budget, available space, and the material used, are all important considerations.

Sketch a Rough Outline of the Space

Sketching a rough outline of your space is the most crucial step because this predetermines all other factors.

By roughly sketching out the kitchen layout with the right measurements, you will be able to evaluate how much space would be required for the equipment you had in mind or if the space would allow you to incorporate all the design elements you wish to blend.

Right Sizing is Everything

Quite literally!

A well-functioning kitchen comprises the right equipment placed within the accurately stipulated area within the bounding space. Once you have the measured layout in hand, gauging which equipment (according to your requirements) would fit nicely should be easy. 

Once you have the equipment sizing right and the equipment fit in the layout, everything else should be a breeze!

Rethink the Space with Different Options

Would you want a standalone BBQ stand with minimal seating, or do you want something more permanent, like a fully-functioning kitchen?

You should choose exactly what you want your outdoor cooking experience to be.

There are various outdoor kitchen options, from kitchen island counters to BBQ islands and stone ovens. 

Keep Your Surroundings in Mind

While an outdoor kitchen space could be a great addition to your backyard, it should not hinder the entire space or disrupt other activities. 

What’s our pro tip? We’d advise that you ensure your outdoor kitchen does not eat up much of the outdoor area and doesn’t hinder the flow of how people navigate within and use the space.

Also, keep in mind the climate conditions where you live. If you experience long winter months, the ideal location would be somewhere easily accessible from the main house. 

If you’re located in a warm, tropical climate, a large kitchen area with plenty of seating and appropriate ventilation should accommodate all your needs. 

3 Different Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Design Styles

To give a better outlook on how to get started, here are some design styles that may resonate with you:

  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Tuscan


Modern/contemporary pergola kitchen from Ozco Building Products.

Are you someone looking for a sleek and minimal design? Modern/contemporary might be the right design style for you! If you have a modern home, this outdoor kitchen style can seamlessly transition your existing interior style outside. This is a beautiful modern outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a wooden backsplash, and black details from Ozco Building Products. They sell all sorts of quality outdoor appliances and accessories. 


Traditional pergola kitchen design from Archadeck

Traditional pergola styling is one of the most commonly used design aesthetics. This style is characterized by the openness of the structure and typically white-painted wooden surfaces. What makes this aesthetic stand out is the simplicity of detail and the ease of installation. We love this outdoor kitchen setup from Archadeck. The additional seating near the fireplace and storage under the counter are functional yet clean. 


tuscanpergola Tuscan kitchen from Ozco Building Products.

Tuscan might be the right choice if you want the best of both worlds. Tuscan style typically combines elements from both styles and is blended well to give you a stunning final output. Tuscan style touches upon modern concerning the outer structure, and the interior decor is adorned with traditional elements such as carpets. This Tuscan outdoor kitchen from Ozco Building Products combines grey wicker chairs, marble countertops, and ornate light fixtures to create the full effect.

Whichever style you choose, the most important point to remember is to keep the aesthetics blending with the outdoors and indoors. After all, the pergola is an extension of your house and should reflect your design style. 

Your dream outdoor kitchen space is just one (or three) little steps away!

We hope this guide gave you some insight into the direction you should be headed to get started with our outdoor pergola kitchen space. 

Want to get started with a stunning pergola first? Discover the various styles of pergolas we offer and find different ways to style them!

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